Friday, August 01, 2014

Been a while

So,it's been a while since I've written a blog entry and a lot has happened in my life since I stopped blogging.  First, we have a new addition to our family.  My sister gave birth to my nephew,Liam,three months ago.  Anyway, I wish I was just writing to update everyone but this entry comes with a specfic purpose.

For those of you who don't know my 7 year old nephew,Collin,is on the autism spectrum.  He has what's knonwn as PDD.  Pervasive development disorder.  Anyway,today I decided that since there was some housework to be done I would take Austin,Collin and Liam out for the day.  Our first stop was the local library and let me establish that we've had issues there before.

About a year ago my nephews took part in the summer reading program.  It was something that took many hours and happened to require a lot of work from both the boys and,obviously,us adults.  The end of the summer there was a special event for the kids  They were going to get to see animals that they'd read about and my sister and I took both boys to the program.  Before it even started the head librarian asked us,"If Collin starts misbehaving you'll take him out,right?"


Collin had not done anything yet.  He hadn't even moved.  So, my sister was embarassed and took Collin home.  At the end the librarian asked,"Oh,did Collin start mishehaving and you sister took him home?" I looked at her and said,"No.  My sister left because of your behavior."    So, my dad sent a letter to the Main Branch and we were encouraged to go back.  Both the head of the Main Branch and a behaviorist who was working with Collin told us to bring him back.

We went back and forth but eventually brought him back.  (On a sidenote,we bring him to several places,including other libraries,and have no problems.)

So, today I had an agenda.  I brought Collin,Austin,and Liam to the library.  We were there 5 minutes!  First, let me explain.  The library has spinning bookshelves in the middle of the room.  Of course children are attracted to those.  Hell,I spin them too.  Anyway, after a full five minutes after we got there I wanted to leave.  3 seperate occasions she scolded my nephew.

Now look,I get it.  He did something she asked him not to do.  I corrected him but turned back to do something for Liam only to have her do that two more times.  The thing that makes this all the more gaulling.  A few days ago I took Austin,to go grab some books off his summer readinglist,when in the teen room teenagers were discovered swinging chairs across the room.

The librarian went in there ONCE!!!!  My nephew got scolded 3 times.    Anyway,I guess my point is I don't understand why a woman,in her possible 60s,feels so compelled to,seemingly,pick on an autistic child!  We live in a city where it seems like more and more autistic children are born everyday and instead of showing compassion,and understanding,there is constant ridicule and judgment.

Long story short,I sent an email to the head of the library and now I am posting this in my blog because to me I don't think my nephew did anything wrong.  He's 7 years old.  He's got the mentality of a 4 year old.  If you cannot deal with that ignore him.  It's almost intolerable for him,or any child,to be treated like that.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Chicken

Okay,so I know recently I've been scarce but I had planned to write an entry and well...through some of my own doing,some things out of my own control and just plain laziness I haven't updated in like forever.

The last two weeks have been NUTS!  It all begain the day a good friend of mine announced she was moving and due to some circumstances beyond her control,and some within,she wound up calling out at the store.  The hitch in the whole thing?  Your's truly was on from 2 to 6 and one of my managers,rather then going through the trouble of calling someone in,asked if I could work the 2 days.  I had already picked up a Saturday shift and I guess she thought it was too late to call someone else worked.

By the end of the week,I couldn't believe it,I wound up with 41 hours.

Still,it seems as though lately everyone was annoying me.  Even if they didn't intend to people managed to tick me off at every turn.  Particularly,the elderly.  That's not saying that all old people are awful,and annoying,but I guess the ones I had to interact with were just plain,flatout annoying.  By the end of my shift on Sunday I was ready to throw in the towel.

Throw in the towel or strangle someone with it.

Anyway,it all came to a head on Tuesday.  I just reached this point where I think if I spent one more day at work...I would go postial.  (Ironic,because there's a post office next door to where I work.)  I finally asked one of the girls to take my shift and basked in three days off.

My first day off I spent sleeping in and just relaxing.  I had a to list about a mile long but I decided to put it off for a bit.  I just spent time reading and catching up on my Tv watching.  The second day,I did a few more things.  I made some cupcakes,cakepops,and didn't leave the house.  One of my supervisors called and asked if I wanted to work but I told her,"Nope." and went back to doing nothing.  Friday was my busy day.

Finished up with the planning for the t-ball party,went out to lunch,and night closed out with watching the Red Sox beat up on the Yankees.

So,today back to the grindstone.  4 to 11 shift.  So,I guess the thought is if you're going to come back,come back big!

Hopefully,over the next few days I'll be able to update more often.  Not sure if I can but I'll try.  Latta gators!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Dear So and So (Letters of Intent)

Dear. Bloggersphere,
I've heard rumors that blogger is shutting down.  If that's the case I will be buying a website name and using it. Not sure what's going on but I don't like it.
Very Annoyed

Dear. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke,
Just watched your VMA performance and I'm not entirely sure I can add more then everyone else but I will try.  I want to just clarify that Robin Thicke is one of my favorite R&B singers and I love him but this performance was disgusting!  I swear I need prayer and a pregnancy test now.
One disgusted chick

 Dear. Future Hubby and Ovaries,
If we create a child like Miley you and I can take turns kicking her butt because I will be so kicking her butt!  You can beat up the guy she's twerking on,k?  If you're anything like me this will work.
Your future wife and the mother of your children

Dear. Stupid People,
Please,stop cashing out with me at work!  I can't deal with you and ain't nobody got time for that!

Dear. Work,
I have a million and a half dozen things to do and it seems like I'm always at you.  Sort of annoyed.  Sincerely,
The Chick who won't see you tomorrow

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Everything Changes

Greetings from the great state of Massachusetts and before I go any further let me just say I had intended to write more in my last entry but to be honest,I had taken some medication,that helps me sleep,and just about the time I planned on writing more my body "planned" on me sleeping.  I could've attempted it but to be honest,sleep seemed the better option and so I powered down the HP,crawled under my blanket and was asleep within 5 minutes.

The running joke is I'm conserving energy for the back to school/holiday nightmare that will be my career in the next few months.  The countdown to Christmas is on and it seems like EVERYONE on Facebook is feeling so compelled to remind me.

So,what's been going on lately?

Well,first and foremost,work.  I recently had my yearly evaluation.  Originally,this was scheduled for a Tuesday but had some car trouble and therefore I had to give up the shift.  So,the evaluation was Wednesday instead.  Overall, things went pretty well.  I'm getting a slight pay raise but also am feeling somewhat conflicted over my future.  I can see myself becoming a supervisor but that doesn't seem like much of an option so the question,at least for me,is do I stay,with zero chance to become a supervisor,or do I find something else?

At the moment,where I'm considering adoption and everything my best option is to stay and wait it out.

Other then work life has been pretty chaotic lately.

Recently, I took Maddy for her first vet appointment,with me anyway,and overall it was pretty positive.  I had planned on bringing her back for her distemper shot last week but due to transportation issues that didn't happen so once my dad got the van fixed I promptly called and rescheduled.  Another appointment that got canceled was her grooming appointment and I had to figure out this whole thing.

Calling arund for a grooming appointment was a total and complete pain in the neck!  No one understands Maddy's anxiety.  One groomer suggested medicating her but after a lot of thought I called the groomer I had the previous appointment with and set it up.  However,there was a problem.

I had scheduled myself to WORK that day.   This week I was SUPPOSED to work 9 hours and well...totally unacceptable.  I promptly picked up more shifts and didn't think anything of it but while I was setting up the appointment Austin was in the room and he was pretty upset and so I had to find a way to fix it.  I wound up coming to a compromise.

I'm taking Maddy to the groomer,near where I work,at noon,with my mom and Austin on Friday.  Austin loves the store I work in so we might stroll by there to say,"Hi." and after that we're going out to lunch as well.  

This was the best plan I could come up with because Austin was FREAKING out over the grooming situation.  He literally was sobbing over the mere thought of leaving Maddy at the groomers but I'm hoping that if I pretend I'm not bothered by this then he won't be bothered by this.

I'm hoping that we can browse a collar for her,go visit some of my co-workers and out for lunch.  I'm praying that this will make Austin feel better.  Like maybe the grooming experience is fun?

Okay,so enough about Austin.  The nephews are doing pretty well overall.

Collin is big and just about the sweetest,funniest little guy ever!  He's heading into first grade and is trying to learn to use the potty.  Tee-ball is going so well for him that he might win the "most improved" award this year!

Sunday was the best day I've had in a long time.  Mainly it was because I got out of work at 5 p.m. and I got to see my youngest nephew,JJ.  He's going to be 2 in January,I know.  Even I can't believe that!,and he's so adorable.

Anyway,another bit of good news coming my way soon is that we're going to be moving in a while. Recently,this became a possibility and now there's talk about putting in a basement apartment for me.  Keep you posted on that one.

Okay,off to watch the Red Sox and relax.  Latta gators!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Being Busy

Hello and salutations from the great state of Massachusetts.  Believe it or not you would think having a laptop would mean I'd have easier access to my blog and would write more.  Now if you thought that...YOU'D BE WRONG!  I thought that and therefore I am wrong!  

Okay,so I hope you're all doing well and I've been TRYING to catch up on my blog reading but between work....tee-ball...and various other things I have not had time.  So,once again I apologize for NOT updating more.  

Still, the last time I wrote I mentioned that the lead cashier had been out and I was given a couple of her shifts.  I tried really hard to get things done and for the most part I did okay but I fell short on a couple of things and I mostly wound up very myself.  I guess my expectations were too high and I shouldn't have expected so much and I guess my skills with my co-workers still need work.  

Anywho,that's mostly what I've been doing lately.  Working and contemplating some options.  

Permit me to explain.  

My yearly evaluation is coming up,and could happen anytime,my bet's on tomorrow,and I have been thinking alot lately about my future.  My life.  My career and if retail is in fact my career.  If that's the case,what do I want to do?  

Do I want to be a life-long cashier?  Or is my path something more?  

Anyway,this being said I should mention that the position I would be most qualified for,at least at our store,has been eliminated.  For some reason the coporation has decided that it's not really needed and thus,it's gone.  This being said I was flush with hours the last few weeks and recently things have taken a dip.  

This being said I'm sort of wondering what my next move is.  Do I stay?  Do I look for something else?  What are the chances of me becoming a supervisor?  What if there's no chance?  Can I live with that?  

Now I'll be honest.  There's pros and cons to both of these arguments.

First,for the most part I love my job.  I like the people I work with.  I have f reedom with my hours and I get to do alot of employee training.    The cons are that I simply believe that I DESERVE to be  a supervisor.  I'm compitant,I'm capable and I think I'm very good at what I do.  

I guess my evaluation will tell me more and then there are my future plans to adopt a child.  If I do somehow manage to get a position,as a supervisor,I will eventually want to cut my hours so I can be a full-time mommy and a part time worker.  

So,there's my dilemia.  Do I stay in a job where I might get what I want or do I find a job where it might cut into something else I want?  

Anyway,I guess for now I'm where I'm at and I should just be grateful.  

Okay,so things other then work have gotten intersting. 

Recently,I started buying things to squirel away for my little one.  (I will now refer to them as F.B. or Future Babykins.)  I haven't settled on an age yet but I could see myself as a mom to a small child with special needs so that's what I'm looking towards.  

Anyway, the store is selling all kinds of books and summer toys so guess whose been stocking up?  

Yup. This mommy to be.  

Here's a picture of just a couple of the things I have bought.  

Seriously contemplating a tote here. 

"The Pout Pout Fish" by Deborah Diesen

The Pout Pout Fish and the Big-Big Dark
Curious George

Sand and Sun playset 
F.B. handmade travelbag 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Still crazy

All righty.  So in my entry I happened to mention I was crazy. crazy and it doesn't feel like it's getting any easier lately...or less crazy.  Still,whatever's going on the last few days have been pretty bad.

Translation:  I've been so cranky.

Wouldn't you be?  I've worked every day this week and as time as passed things about my job have gotten more and more annoying.

Annoying?  Yes,annoying.

Yesterday was a prime example.  Being a cashier has rules.  Things you must do and things that you do simply out of consideration  First,and foremost,you clean your register.  It's just a consideration thing.  You absolutely,positively do not leave your register dirty.  Now one other thing you do is you bring your drops to the back and put them in the bins.

Permit me to explain.  Drops are items customers change their minds on.  They are the things that they don't want.  Our store managers have told us that we have to bring them back and put them away before we leave.  (Some people are better at this then others.)

Anyway, the last few days my schedule has been pretty chaotic.  One of our lead cashiers has been out sick so three of us have been working her hours.  I worked Sunday,from 11 to 6,Monday I worked 8 to 2,and that brings us to Wednesday.  Yesterday.

Yesterday and today I close.  6 to 10 p.m..  This being said I,occasionally,like closing.  Closing can be easier sometimes because it's not as involved as opening and it's not as complicated as a midshift.

Anyway, last night was not one of the nights I liked closing.  Now I've mapped out what my job is like when I go in and yesterday was no exception.  I went to the back,stopped to pick up a stuffed Curious George,Shopping for the homestudy has begun,and headed to the back before I punched in.  Stop at the office,get the numbers for the day,and head up front.  

Now my nights ALWAYS start the same.  I greet the other cashier,I say goodbye to them and they head to the back to get rid of their drops.  After that I take some time to organize the media,i.e. all the paperwork,and then I check each register.  Last night the registers were a mess.  I was annoyed!  I was aggrivated and after looking at all the stuff lying around....I was on the brink of tears.

I mentioned the issues to my managers and hopefully,something changes.  (I'm doubtful.)

Anyway,the night dragged.  Long and tedious.  Lots of demanding people.  Someone decided to do something disgusting in the men's department and then the end of the night came and I was walking back to put the merchandise and I dropped a candle on the floor.

Yeah,that was kind of night it was.  The kind of night when all I could think was,"I just want to go home."

Today hasn't been so bad.  (Hopefully,work is better.)  I've been hanging out with Maddy,went to run some errands with my mom,and am planning to go out on Saturday.  There's a festival today and  I'm planning on going to the movies with Austin.

Keep you posted on all of that.  Latta gators!